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Neoteric Research Panel Solutions provides access to experiences of engaged consumers, driven by Technology & Community Analytics. The consumers belong to hard-to-reach audiences & segments (Consumers, B2B & Specialist Audiences, including Healthcare) of the World's developed and rapidly growing economies, including BRICS, MINT, AP & MEA (currently 36 countries, and growing).

We provide access to consumer insights with our Online Panels that gives you the leading edge functionality and intuitive responses with superior flexibility. With over a decade’s experience in the research industry, we are experts in gauging the cultural sensitivities, challenges, and opportunities in each of the markets we operate in.

Panel Reach

Quality Parameters

All our panels are unbiased and a genuine representation of the country's population. We value your data security, privacy, and confidentiality. Our quality checks run across the panelist lifecycle.

In Panel Acquisition

Triple Opt-in verification

All our panelists undergo triple opt-in verificationand social mediaandandand social mediaandand social mediaand social mediasocial mediasocial media

Multi-Modal verification

Panelists are Multi-modal verified across email, mobile and social mediaand social mediaandand social mediaand social mediasocial mediasocial media

Fraud Protection

Our proprietary management tool, SmartSight, filters fraudulent respondents by detecting masked IPs and proxy servers


Affiliate Verification

The affiliates & partners are thoroughly reviewed for their authenticity as well as their sources of inventory on web, social & mobileand social mediaandand social

In Panel Management