Data Processing

For better insights, the data that is being for analytics needs to pass through various stages – transformation, merging, validating, coding of OE data, and tabulating it for best results. This is where the dedicated data processing team at Neoteric Research shows its true forte as a truly global company. We have the resources and the flexibility to adapt our expertise to our specific data set and use the numbers to extract true blue insights.

  1. Significant expertise and experience in market research data processing, and can execute the most complex projects required in survey research.
  2. Data Processing is done using software's like SPSS and Quantum. These applications support all processing requirements.
  3. We execute Pen & Paper surveys, Ad hoc Surveys , Customer Satisfaction Studies , Brand Perception, Public Opinion Polls, Healthcare Surveys, Tracking Projects, Multi country projects, Omnibus, etc.
  4. We can work on trackers project as well.

Data Processing – Capabilities

  • Data Cleaning

    To ensure the quality of data, we do the validation (cleaning) of data . We ensure that the data does not contain any unwanted codes, errors or inconsistencies. The data is checked using various logical checks as per the questionnaire and corrected as per the client's feedback.
    Data cleaning/validation/checking is an important part of the process that involves data that may need to be cleaned, validated and corrected (especially important for pen & paper questionnaires).
    Data validation process consists of:
      Screening of data
        Excess of data
        Strange patterns
      Treatment of data screened (Post client approval)
        Leave it unchanged
        Correct the data
        Delete the data

  • Tabulation is the primary function of Data Analysis. The data collected from the Survey is analyzed to generate tables in client-specified formats that helps the researcher to interpret the results of the survey and present it to his/her client. We are equipped to provide quality tabulation services as per your process standards.
    We have the experience and the capability of handling projects from simple to large-scale, multi-country, multi-wave data collected in different file formats. We use tabulation software's like quantum and SPSS and we can accept data in various formats like ASCII, excel and SPSS formats.

    Our tabulation process includes :
      1. Generating simple tables /Grid tables / Summary tabs
      2. Tables for open end questions, filtered tabs
      3. Applying nets, sorting, permutation & combination tabs / Shared tabs
      4. Response / Respondent based tables
      5. Cross breaks with different significance/confidence level , statistics, etc.
      6. Tables with specific requirements
      7. Table output in various formats like word, excel (with indexed links) and PDF formats.
  • We provide the facility to convert data into various formats. Exporting the database in any format (e.g. SPSS, ASCII, etc.)
    We can convert data from one format into the other format as mentioned below:
      -   Excel format to ASCII (either single card ASCII file or Multi card file).
      -  ASCII data into SPSS format or excel
      -  On specific requests we do provide the data in Comma separated values (CSV)

  • Weighting is the process of assigning numbers to certain groups of respondents in a study so that their numbers reflect the actual proportions within the real world.
      -    RIM WEIGHTING

Advance Analytics

Advanced analytics is an umbrella term for a group of high-level methods and tools that can help you get more out of your data. The predictive capabilities of advanced analytics can be used to forecast trends, events, and behaviors. This gives organizations the ability to perform advanced statistical models such as “what-if” calculations, as well as to future-proof various aspects of their operations.
It involves so many disciplines and has such broad applicability, there are several excellent use cases for advanced analytics. Marketing departments can find a lot of value in these tools, as much of their work involves understanding consumer preferences and deciphering how they will evolve or what targets they might aim at in the future. This can help plan strategies and campaigns further in advance with more confidence and precision.