Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

Neoteric Research has vast experience in conducting qualitative market research and are able to adopt the full range of qualitative methodologies, including:

  • Focus groups or group discussions/mini groups
  • Depth interviews (IDIs / Dyads / Triads)
  • Observation
  • Telephone depth interviews
  • Online group discussions
  • Accompanied surfs/web enabled groups

Qualitative Research is a useful market research method typically used for gaining qualitative insights to an individuals perception, opinion, beliefs and attitude towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging.

The team at Neoteric Research are trained qualitative interviewers / moderators and experienced in utilizing specialized qualitative techniques to help bring about responses and uncover new insights from respondents. Qualitative interviews are typically guided by our research moderators who often use a discussion guide to control the discussion to ensure it meets the research objectives.

In addition to traditional style focus groups, we are also able to offer online focus groups and live streaming.

Online focus groups have the advantage that respondents do not need to be from the same geographic area - they can log on to the internet from anywhere in the country and take part. Online groups also allow the opportunity to share videos, audio and other stimuli (such as websites for instance) with respondents in the same way that face to face groups would.

Live streaming of focus groups gives our clients the ability to view a group discussion from afar - without the need to travel to the location or to book more specialized viewing facilities.