Online Research / Panel and Community Research

Online Research / Panel and Community Research

Neoteric Research has extensive expertise in carrying out online research, as well as managing projects utilizing online research methods. All our online surveys are entirely hosted and managed by us. Responses are automatically processed at the back end, allowing us to easily analyze the data and have results available within a quick timeframe. We can also provide "live results" for our clients throughout the fieldwork period.

All of our panels are created, hosted and managed in-house by our team of data experts. We have in-house capabilities to set up and manage client panels and online communities. We can work in collaboration with our clients to develop customer panels, where these panels allow clients to:

  • Closely manage and monitor invitations and responses to surveys
  • Create in-depth, up-to-date, profiles of customers
  • Reward customers on an on-going basis for feedback and loyalty

If a list of appropriate consumer profile is not available within our own panels, we have access to millions of respondents through our panel partners. We utilize a number of online research panels for surveying specific groups of consumers and businesses (fully screened contacts that have 'signed up' to take part in online market research surveys). We work with these partners on a daily basis and have excellent relationships with them, meaning that not only is the process of completing online research through them slick and easily managed, but we are also able to negotiate favorable prices for our clients.

We started our online panel in 2012, and within a short time, have built a panel strength of millions of survey-ready respondents across 26 countries.